Any good ragdoll packs/prop packs?

I’m looking for some that are good for scenery, like trash and furniture and plants. Also, ragdoll packs as in citizens and police and such. If you could recommend some of any kind, then thanks.

i found a really funny one where ur inside someones body its funny but gross u come out their but and fall in a toilet lol

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im sorry u think its dumb im a 12 year old girl :frowning:

It’s a map. He is searching for ragdolls and objects.

Exactly right. Sorry for upsetting you (thegirhugs), but it’s also quite irritating that doesn’t seem to include modern furniture, nor scenery that could possibly make a good screenshot. Also the ragdolls don’t look very good up close so, yes.

Why would a 12 year old girl even know about this site? Don’t they focus around hannah montanna and such?

Internet happened.

no, its rule 29. and rule 30.