Any good RP?

Looking for a Realistic RP that isn’t based on DarkRP. I want a serious one too, not shitty farm drugs/money.

define what you’re looking for in term of environement/setting/mood ?


Taco and Banana. HL2RP, but still. You can hate it and all, but this is the longest running serious RP server in existence right now. (Or correct me if I’m wrong. :v:)

They are but its boring… there is nothing to do,.

You could check us out, but we have only successfully had people join from console so far.

Now wait just a minute.


Read clearly the bold parts.


Now let’s check on 'billyman’s thread, shall we ? And I quote:

Again, read the bold parts.

Stalker RP, My clan runs a custom made script @

It’s pretty realistic, and not based off DarkRP… Refer to