Any good server

Me and my 3 friends cant seem to find a good server,either they ban one of us because they think we cheat or we kill the admins and they ban us or the server lags.
We just got banned from a server because we killed the admins and people started acusing us of stealing their stuff so they get free stuff.
We are from europe any help would be nice,server with adult fair admins and not butthurt 12yr olds

Our server is a playerbase friendly server , Hackers are NOT allowed ! We try to keep the server hacker-clean. Admins are verry active !
-Door sharing
No Durability!
PVP enabled
Sleepers enabled
Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters/Very active admins
Air drops @ 12
Looking for groups and clans to join

WIPED TODAY!!! (8/14)


I would suggest looking in the server portion of the Rust forums. There they have plenty of feedback on the servers and you can see for yourself which has the better gameplay.

Hi, me and some friends started a server. And we need some help with populating it.
I’m 24, and know my way around the game. Hackers will get banned right away, that is something we are working really hard on. No abuse at all.
we are serious players, and do not ban people for raiding us, it’s part of the game.
we also strike down on griefers, and we have a antigrief plugin that works perfectly.
If you are interested,

NoDur,NoDecay,Remove,non craftable explosives,Groups,antigrief


Hi wanted to let you know that me and a couple friends own a server and we would love for more people to join. We run Rust Essentials. We ban hackers right away but we must be 100% certain that they are a hacker. Admins do not play so no admin abuse. We do not care about griefing as that is part of the game. It is a prety chill server in my opinion. Message me if you would like to join as i am not going to post the server IP incase people like to DDoS server. Hope to se you soon.

I am looking to join a group. Are you offering up a group that i can join??

check out mine maybe you stick around ^^

Classic Rust server: net.connect

Started on 08/18/14.




EpicRust was forged to deliver an enjoyable Rust experience to players that don’t want a server full of hackers & power abusers.

With this in mind we installed a Anti-Cheat that is constantly looking for these kind of people. Being that the admin team is a group of friends, admin abuse won’t be a problem!

//Features overview
Banks & Shops | Economy | 2x Loot | PvP | Instacraft | Bases | TP | Recycle & Destroy | No Dura/Sleepers | Starter Kit | Air Drops | Vote Rewards

When we created the server we wanted to have a easy environment for player that are looking for a stable server We wanted to improve the gather resources for a tiny bit so we made it x2 but this only counts for the resources (Wood, stones and so on). This is also the reason we have enabled instacraft & no durability.

//Banks, Shops & Economy
We think this feature expands the whole Rust experience. Being able to buy & sell items the game will be a lot more fun. With different shops & banks locations there is always one near you! For more info about this feature check out:

With this system you are able to set as much bases as you want. If you need any help with this system type /homebasehelp ingame.
Since we have this system we have disabled sleepers

//Recycle & Destroy
Did you ever build a foundation or created a item and thought, oops that wasn’t supposed to happen? For that we have the recycle & destroy system. To destroy a object type /destroy and shoot at the object (or hit it with a stone/hatchet). For help with recycling type /ryhelp ingame.

//Starter kit & Air Drops
When you join our server you will spawn with the vanilla inventory. Just type /starter and you will receive a stone hatchet, 5 bandages, 5 cooked chicken & a 9mm pistol with 30 ammo! All of that for nothing

Once there are 4 people in the game there will randomly appear air drops, be sure to get them fast and watch out for other people since these air drops and really wanted!

Want to play with friends? No problem at our server. Just type /tpr and a list of players will appear. Type the person coressponding number in chat and you will send him/her a request. After he/she accepted you will be teleported!

//Vote Rewards
Of course we will reward the people who support our server! We have installed the plugin Voter which will give you a nice reward if you have voted for our server! Just type /vote ingame and you will see our vote URL. Once you voted type /voted 1 and you will receive your vote package.

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i actually just made a post, i feel what you’re saying. too much banning. but here’s a server that i found where there is no admin abuse, but they do not announce themselves so that they can play fairly without people accusing them of admin abuse (double standard, i guess). but here’s the server. I’d consider it vanilla minus the durability.