Any good servers?

Has anyone heard of the server BlackMesa RP By HeartBit? Well it was a good server but it was shut down today. So now I want to find a new BlackMesa RP server not a Dark RP server a BlackMesa RP server. So if any of you know a BlackMesa RP server with the graphics from that half-Life remake Black Mesa please tell me. If you know a Aperture Science RP please tell me also.

I have never heard of that type of RP ever.

Me neither. Didn’t know they exist.

…How do you even play in Aperture Science RP?
You’re mute (so no chat/voice), there’s not any kind of defined character (you’re a test subject that’s been in coma, you don’t even know how you’re called, good luck have fun), and I’d be surprised if there was a working portal gun at all.
Do you go /me blinks at Turret Gun, /me ninja avoids a rocket… all the time?

I’d assume you play as a scientist and do ethically questionable experiments until somebody creates a supercomputer that proceeds to slaughter everybody in the facility