Any good TF2 hat tutorials?

I’m pretty good at modeling the hats themselves, but I don’t know how to implement them in-game. I’ve tried to follow the tutorial in the steam-TF2 forums, but it was mainly for 3DS max and I have Blender. I already have all of the programs needed.

The easiest way for a beginner would be to decompile an existing hat and rig the new model to the old bone, I suppose.

for some reason, when I try to decompile a hat, it says model could not be decompiled, it works with view models and other things though

i know how to fix this
open up the hat model with notepad++ for example hatname.mdl
there should be a thing called IDST0
change the 0 to a ,
save the file then decompile

AH! Thank you!
I learned about that but I forgot when I was supposed to do that!