Any good train map?

Do you guys know a good map with train tracks? With good space to build.

Like wireconstruct, but i’m getting bored of it. And trainconstruct is pretty confusing.

So I wonder you know about any other? (Just not maps with a 1 simple track that goes around whole map, that is boring :frowning:

You’re requesting a map; post here.

no, he’s not, and try gm_contruct_flatgrass, made for phx, also has a subway system

Trainconstruct2 is the answere!
The best map for everything!

[JokerIce] Bom’s Public Build use it allot and it dont usualy crash.

Working on tr_outback day and night. :f5:

This is neat for some things too, but just another construct. Not really for RP

I am working on a map and if you go to this server you will find all the train maps you could want it has most of the good ones out there.
The reason I don’t give you links is for the reason that most of the maps don’t have any official links yet. When they do I will pm you.


Good train map.

Has a city and a bridge and a airport.

And a train track that goes under the city and there is a button to make the train go onto bridge over the river.