Any good tutorials on optimization?

The only tutorial I can find is by 3klikphilips, and most people here on FP says his tutorials are horrible. So I’m not sure if I should follow his, because I can’t find a tutorial anywhere else unless somebody knows one.

Area portals

Hints and skips


Nothing wrong with this video:


This is the best one.

Yes there is something wrong with that video. A lot of things even. Don’t get me started it.

Please explain then.

Everything in that video seems legitimate and it also seems to work

What is wrong with that video, aside the annoying, lame arse “watch out for trees” joke at the end?

to me the video made complete sense and i used it on one of my maps and everything was nice and smooth, so i really don’t see a problem unless you would like to explain Lord Ned?

The fuck did I do?

Shit wrong person :v:

Should have looked at the name again…

I meant to say Lord Ned

Probably cause it’s made by 3klik.

Go searching on FP. We got into this conversation LAST TIME. Last time it ended me up with a 7 day ban. I’m not going into it again.

Doesn’t mean his video is incorrect. It’s teaching people the right ways about basic optimisation, everything else should be easy to pick up after then.

I was there you muppet, I was the person who started the thread.

I’m not going to say anything more about this, ore even voice my opinion - I don’t want this thread to end with several bans for flaming…

He never mentioned:
-Map -> Load Portal File (GLView for games without that option)
-mat_leafvis 1

But that’s what he left out, not what’s wrong with the video.

The video seems fine to me as well. Sure not everything is says is correct, but what’s wrong with this video?

I really don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Sure; he only covers two methods, but he explains it in detail AND shows how it works, which I find very useful.

The video’s fine, at least up to the point where he starts explaining the skip and hint texture without explaining how similar cuts are made by default in VBSP. (well, he goes over them lightly, he just mentions that the line would normally be here, but will change with the hint/skip brush or something like that) I learned a lot about optimization through that optimization guide which moved to after the original site was taken down. I personally think there’s no better explanation for what visleafs are and how they work.

Getting people to know what visleafs are and how to see them will help cut down on the number of help threads with people doing things like func_detailing an entire map, bitching about how VVIS takes a month to finish PortalFlow, or any of the similar issues.