Any good tutorials on porting and stuff?

Since the search function doesn’t work, does any one know of threads on porting things and stuff or how ever you would call it. I’m trying to get stuff from Soul Calibur IV as I found a good website with all the characters, but I don’t know of what programs to get to start doing this stuff to get them to Garry’s Mod nor do I know how to do anything. I tryed the SCIV Extractor as it’s only for .NET Framwork 3.5 as I’m not sure of what version I have, Hoping to have 3.5, but since it says it fails to download it I think it’s not for windows XP Home Edition. But can any one help? I need helpful tutorials and I’m willing to learn every step. Thanks.


Ok so I might think about using MarioKart’s tutorial, but is there any other tutorials I should know about before doing so?