Any good vanilla Sandbox build challenges?

I was looking to play some vanilla Sandbox, and I thought it’d be fun to have some challenges from you guys that I could try and accomplish. I.E. you could say, “Build a trebuchet,” or “Make a picture using the shadows of items.” Anything along those lines and probably some stuff not along them.

When I say vanilla, it doesn’t have to be 100% stock GMod, but it should exclude Wire, E2, ACF, and all the other neat things that I can’t use worth crap.

I’ll post screenshots and probably upload saves if I accomplish anything you guys say, and maybe we could go back and forth. IDK, just making this up as I type, mostly.

WIP 1. A house with two floors and a basement if possible. From Mr Hatisk
WIP 2. The Death Star. From Graketchup

Make a nice house, 2 floors and a basement (if a basement is even possible).

Death star

Thanks guys, I’ll probably start working on these this evening. Added to the OP so I don’t forget.

Boatcar with balloons :v:

Make A rocket ship using only 2 spheres, 1 cylinder, and 1 semi-sphere for the body.

put some thrusters on a jeep to make it go sanic fast

Suspension supported car without wiremod.

A WIP on the house because I am a phenomenally slow worker.

Thanks for all of the new suggestions!

EDIT AGAIN: I’ll probably just finish it this weekend when I have some more time.

I got an idea! Make your room out of halflife/sprops. Then make and animation video. [please no screenshot slideshows]