Any Groups/Servers That Work With Fin Planes

I’m trying to find a group or some people who like to build aircraft and such with the fin tool. No luck thus far. Does anyone know any good servers for this sort of thing?

My clan’s server has this version of the Fin Tool. It might not be the correct version but we’ve had it on there for a while.

We run this map:

and make sure to get SCars too, so you don’t have to download them from the server. Even though we have an alternate FTP to download from (aka FastDL), there’s way too many files for it to be a feasible wait.

I’ve had the fin tool installed on our server for awhile now but don’t expect many people to be playing.

Have you been getting any errors with the fin tool recently? For some reason now it won’t remove fins all the time. It happened when the tool gun started spamming LUA errors.

So your clan does a lot of vehicle construction?

No, haven’t gotten any errors.

Vehicle construction; depends on the time, usually. Our server is a somewhat active playpen for a few of the people who can actually get on, being the schoolyear and all, most people can’t get on, added in with the fact that most of us have jobs. It used to be pretty active, we’d have 8 or so players on the server during peak times, but that’s when we didn’t have SCars. Probably important for you to know, we don’t have wiremod. We often experiment with a lot of different mods and wiremod just has too many lua files, causing the server to crash pretty often when a player decides to join.

The clan is based on tactical warfare and stuff like that, so to answer your question directly, no. But we are a sandbox server and encourage players to do other stuff than… well, shoot each other, and being sandbox, the main purpose is building. All are welcome, admins are often online in numbers. Here’s the IP if you’re interested in stopping by:

Well the lack of wiremod is a bit of an issue, but seeing as I’m just looking to get a working glider it’s not a huge issue. It doesn’t need controls yet.

I’ll probably stop by later. Thanks.

My server has the fin tool, wiremod, and PHX. It’s pretty minimal to join, because it’s just a basic build.

Join at if you’re interested.