Any GUI Guys?

Anyone here good with GUI/HUD art who can help me make something for the community? By the community I don’t mean one or a select few, I mean all that would want to use it. I am working on a gamemode entitled “Hero” a rather vague title but I feel it suits it fairly decent; on it you play as either a hero or villain, and you fight evil (or good) and attempt to become the best hero (or bad guy) there is.

I am a programmer myself and have started doing some of what I can for it. I have already made an M60 Machinegun for those of the mercenary type, and I am currently working on others for the other character types. With that in mind artwork is by no means my strong suit, hence my request to you folks. I don’t plan on keeping it to myself when I finish it; I was recently inspired by the gamemode Heavy Balls, it reminded me of what a creative outlet Garry’s Mod is and has encouraged me to tempt my abilities with the limits of Garry’s Mod. I only hope that some day after I finish it, that perhaps some people who find it within their kindness to donate to me, or you too the few who may help me which I will not forget. I hope that in my doing all this I have further helped the community to bond as it is one, despite all the aloof or otherwise hostile characters I have met I have also found those of kinder disposition and befriended some. Thank you for your time.