Any guides or tutorials about moddeling?

Hello everyone.
I want to learn how to make my own models.
I don’t know anything about really, I’m good at photoshop but I’ve never made anything in 3D.

How do I start? Any basic guides or anything?
I’ve tried to find some, but without luck.


Sorry for the bump. But really… I wan’t to learn how to model.
I got decent photoshop skills so textures won’t be a problem.

I want to make my own player models by the way.

first step is finding an application. Autodesk Softimage mod tool, Blender 3d, and wings 3d are free. Milkshape is cheap. other things like Max and Maya are much more expensive.
Next step is a texturing tool ( you say you have photoshop so you’re good. )
Then just look up tutorials once you have a desired application selected and practice a lot on it.

also, learn referencing. a good hand at drawing would help you out a lot, even if it’s just a rough. having a design to work from is better than trying to create from blank 3D space. good luck mate!

Okay. Thanks. That gave me a start at least.