Any guides to help set up HL2RP server?


I am a tad bit new with server hosting and such, and me and my buddies recently tried to setup a GMOD hl2rp server, i was the one in charge of doing all the config. and such.
But I ran into some problems:

1.What is the difference between hl2rp and [AO-FINAL]HALF-LIFE2 RP??? And more importantly, how do i get it?

  1. need help with mySQL, it’s like an ass, stubborn like a mother-fucker.

  2. I need a nice and detailed guide on how to install openaura, the install.txt was not very helpful, (yes i did know where to put everything, but still)

If anyone can help me it’s greatly appreciated.

If you still need help id gladly help.

I need help setting this up
skype me

Skype : joshuahar.brookes