Any guides to hosting Garry's mod on a VPS?


I’ve always used GSP’s to host my servers and I’m happy with that, but I’m also interested in hosting a server via a VPS, I don’t have much money which is why I can’t afford
the obviously preferable option of buying a Dedicated server, but there’s quite a few VPS’s in my price range but I have zero experience in using VPS’s to host garry’s mod.

I’d hope to be able to host a single 32 slot server, nothing too extreme.

What do you think the VPS requirements would be to achieve this?

I’m currently looking at OVH’s classic range:

How much Ram / processing power do you think I’ll need to comfortably run a single 32 slot server?

Thanks for reading!

What OS do you plan on using?

Windows is preferable for compatibility.

If it were me, I’d go Classic 4, but you have to tell us what gamemode you are planning on running, if you need a MySQL server on the VPS, or anything else you’d be running.

Nothing more, just sandbox, but also when I say windows, I really meant not Linux (My bad) as as it’d be nice to be able to host gamemodes like Clockwork which I hear is incompatible?

edit: Wait, is Linux even an OS available for VPS’ ?

Just goes to show how little I know huh.

I added you on Steam, I’m sure you’ll have questions, so just ask me on there.

Most VPS providers (At least the cheaper ones) only provide Linux. I run a basic sandbox server on my secondary VPS (2GB RAM) and it seems to work pretty well.

Just follow the same instructions for the dedi-server and you should be fine.

I’m using Vilayer VPS to host TTT server on linux. 1.5gb of ram 1 Core cpu. works fine with even 50 people.

Customer support is like there is no customer support at all. they don’t know anything or what are they doing at all takes 7 days to respond and responds with retarded question instanted of helping. everything other than customer support is kinda fine.

I’m using a VPS with 4 GB RAM Quad Core 3.4 GHz, and it runs great. I use Linux.
Always use linux if you’re just going to be hosting a regular server without any modules.

However you may have issues if you have to upgrade your glibc++. Try to make sure the version is 3.4.9, otherwise you’ll be playing with fire my friend.

So basically use any modern day version of Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS?

Wrong, depends on your host’s package, even if it’s running an older distro it may not work.

That’s why I said to use a modern version of any OS.

hahahaha clockwork, are you serious?

After 7 years of him working on that cancer, it’s not compatible with linux?

I’m meaning an older distro of glibcxx. Even some of the newer distros are running old versions.
I couldn’t even initially run a gmod server on a CentOS 6.

Just because the image/template had an old glibc doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the host node.