Any Have Epidemic Script?

Hey; lately I’ve been looking around for the ol’ Necro script. All the content is deleted off of their original links and I was unable to find a significant source off of any other site. Anyone have it? As well as the script? I know it’s quite a lot to ask since it was SO damn long ago since we’ve all seen it… Though who knows - it may just be in your computer? Mine was! But my computer burned in a fire. So… Yeah.

Anyways, I’m looking to possibly start it up again.

I’m still in contact with a few players from the past - they seemed interested as well. Seeing how there’s no actual significant RP community anymore and TnB is left with STALKER, I’m sure we could put this all to great use! Message me or post below if you have any information that could help my peers or I in this venture! I appreciate it. As far as I know, the models and the script needs to be ported - but that’s not my main obstacle… It’s finding it in the first place. Thanks for any help you can give. Cheers.

epidemic is old as dirt

Epidemic Base:
Epidemic Gamemode:
Epidemic MySQL Tables:

Wow thanks, man. You’re the best. Anyone have the models and content packs though?