Any help for a noob?

So far in this game, I keep establishing a decent base, but it seems like no matter what, I end up being raided. By all means, I’m not raging, I’m wanting to LEARN from this. I was working on a real base (not a wooden shelter) but it wasnt livable yet, no doors and an open roof, so I was living in my wooden shelter. I keep losing hours of progress because a single man is possible to raid me in such a short time, with NO warning whatsoever. I’m clearly doing something wrong, or the game isnt balanced. It seems to me that raiding is much easier to do than build an effective base, atleast while playing solo. If I could get some tips from a “pro” or atleast a better player than me, it would be greatly appreciated

Make sure your doors are metal. The smaller the house, the less likely you are to be raided. Only retards would waste 3-4 C4 on a small house, which probably has crappy items inside (Well, to to them atleast). Also, try building far from others. It’s pretty risky for people to raid far from their houses, so they avoid it usually.

Thanks for the answer, really helps. Never really considered making a “small” house. But ill try it. Hopefully I can get a metal door before i get raided, haha.

Learn how to build, where to build, when to build. 1by1s are actually an easy raid and a smart raid, especially with the reduced c4 cost for wood walls, people building 1by1s usually have resource (for building a bigger house) and their loot is all in one place.

Don’t build a house piece by piece, set up somewhere hidden and then get all your parts ready (including doors) usually enough for 3 floors or so, then put it all up at once.

I just bought it myself, it’s pretty clunky and empty. I can appreciate the concept, but so far it’s pretty much unplayable. Food almost never spawns and you starve before you find any, players will never help you unless you joined with them. You cannot make a server or play solo (which would be very helpful to get the basics down.) Only have about 90 minutes on it but here’s what I’ve gotten so far.

Press F1 and type grass.on false if you are lagging, this helps somewhat.

If you have 50 wood you can construct a basic shelter and it’s very basic, entry way, three walls and a ceiling. If you get 80 wood, make 8 wood plans and a wood foundation and then put your shelter on top.

You need cloth to make cloths but animals are so rare you’re going to have to spend a good 40 minutes to find one because you’ll be dying from starvation and other players.

If player comes to you with rock equipped either run or kill if you can because 97.9% of the time when rock is out they will attack you. Let them come to you and they don’t have one equipped see what they want.

Bears, Deer and Rabbits magically give you chicken breasts!

If you have a camp fire hold down E on it to open the options of Ignite/Extinguish and Open. Click on open and put raw food in one of the three middle squares to cook and some wood in one of the two lowest squares to start it.

Use the Map of the Wiki.Dont build nearby the Road or Ressources Fields.Better take a longer way to your house as give raiders the chance to raid.
Build a small house.And hide it behind Rocks or on other places.
My Tip for the first beginning?Run about the Map and learn to orient oneself.Its one of the importants things in my oppinion.It make no sense if you go for farming and dont find your house and dies through an headshot.
Better farm in an Area with less ressources and take longer as you farmed unequipt nearby a ressource field.You would be the perfect Target.
Make your own Experience with the whole Stuff.
And at the last…Dont trust anybody.You wouldnt be the first who believe in someone that he is friendly only to be killed if you turn around :wink:

Have Fun at the Game.The rest would be come with enough playing Time :wink:

Login to an Server with less Population to learn.