Any Help Is Appreciated

Hey everyone, I’m a big youtuber looking to get my hands on this game. If anyone has any information on how to contact Garry it would be appreciated.

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If you where the legit Whiteboy7thst, I’d send a message to mods and prove it and then ask for a key.

There you go buddy:

Just go to garry’s profile, its not that hard to find.
Also, Speirs, You stole my avatar >.<

Already sent him a message yesterday

Did you include your youtube/twitch name?

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Also, you have to prove it is really you, so include something onto your channel or something.

Yes I gave him my email and youtube link. Once he sends me a message or email I will show him proof some how.

Jump into another pool of pudding and say “GARRY DIS IS FU DA RUST KEY!”. Proof will be satisfying.