Any idea how to replicate a portal effect in Hammer?

I’m just tossing ideas around and attempting things myself, but is it possible to create a 3D view using a camera and a monitor like they do in portal?

For example…a view inside a Tardis? The outisde is just a phone booth, where as the inside is a lot bigger. In the middle of doorway is a teleport and a landmark, and another camera that would be triggered on when you’re inside the booth.

When using point_camera, the view is flat. Changing around the fov doesn’t seem to do much.

Any ideas?

Perhaps a 3D skybox of sorts could achieve this. A point_camera will only show an RT texture, which would be flat indeed.

I attempted a while back with a 3d skybox…Ooh. Wait. I love you.

-Nope. Still can’t use a skybox. Is there any way to maybe throw what the skybox has rendering onto a rendertarget?

I think the closest you’re going to get to something like this is using a cubemap. It’ll still be 2D, and have visible edges, but it’ll at least parallax unlike an RT camera.

Please explain D:

Basically, place an env_cubemap in the room you want to show up on the other side of your portal, set it’s resolution as high as it can go and tie it to the front face of a brush textured with the dev/dev_envcubemap texture.

Like I said though, it’s not seamless, it’ll still look odd but it should hopefully at least look better than just a static RT camera.

Yeah, that’s about as close as it gets without having any portal source code. Thank you very much :smiley: