Any idea how to run away from that Red zombies?

Well, in DayZ you’re can run into buildings if you dont have a weapon to lose the zombies.

**what can i do? **
they run as fast as me, even in buildings…
their hit damage is annoying
you’re can run far away, they still follows you.

the stone or hatchet you have, does not do any damage…
if you’re low on ammo, the game starts to suck.

all you have to do is wind up the swing and run through them and hit them… It takes 3 hits with the rock… You never get hit either.

Just run past some other poor soul and there’s a decent chance the zombie will chase them.

Run in a straight line (they won’t hit you) and find elevation. They can’t seem to run up some hills.

I never knew zombies were the problem in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

They do give up eventually if you go out of their zone