Any idea of open alpha?

Is there any idea about when there will be an option to buy key’s?

The dayz standalone must come or Rust open alpha most come.

Damn i’m waiting already so longg.

Even tho, what do u guys think.

I think that the first of the two which release the games will have the biggest succes, whats your opinion?

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I know that I would like to purchase a key from the devs and support the development of this product.

To me DayZ and Rust is completely different. Mostly because of the crafting but also how you interact with others.
I really doubt there will be much difference to the player base, based on what game comes out first.
My guess is it really comes down to what your personal preferences are for a game.

To me these two games is far from similar. But that might just be me…

The only thing i hope,that’s rust will be open to public before Dayz S-A come,because most ppl will buy the dayz S-A and Rust will lose ppl so Money.

I don’t mind if the playerbase dies down. A lot of Alpha’s are like this, and Beta’s for that matter. People want to play and burn themselves out or the game is not what they anticipated.

That said, Minecraft had a VERY small following for a long time after it came out. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that it started gaining momentum.

they should just bring it out, i want to play it!!!

There are many parallels to be drawn between Minecraft and Rust. I liked minecraft and ran a multi-verse factions bukkit server. It’s still running but somewhat dormant since my wife and I are currently playing Planetside 2.

I’d love to dig my hands into some Rust. I’m sure the novelty would wear off within a few weeks, but it would be great to be a part of the development and help to shape the future of this game.

I think I saw something saying Rust key’s will be able to be purchase early Augast but they will be limited.

I can’t remember where I saw it and if I find it I will post it, otherwise don’t believe it for now, I might be just seeing things :L

While I understand the limitations of servers, network, et al, the idea of limited availability in an online game has never gone over well. Most of the community’s frustration is the lack of NDA and being able to see something without being able to play it. The devs do have limits on server load. I can see this in the streams resulting in latency issues, and lag spikes.

Watching these streams really makes me want to give the game a spin. I have many base ideas, and would like to explore the map. I’ll just have to be satisfied enjoying the game vicariously through the streamers for now until more keys are available or for purchase.

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I’ve been enjoying his streams.

Lirik normally does DayZ and is around for over a year now if anyone is interested in knowing :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been one of the first 100 or so followers, he’s a good guy.

i want it to go in open alfa or just paid i rly rly want to play this game

How about we just make the requirement for a rust key be demonstrate proper English?

Please stop making open-alpha threads, Garry is definitely aware of what he’s doing (compared to Minecraft, Day-Z etc.)

Personally, I dread the day when - if - Rust goes back to open alpha/beta, we all saw the complete fucktards the first one brought, this subforum is full of them, I dread to see what kinds of dumbasses would come with a new wave.

It will be available when it’s available…simple as that, stop making new threads about keys or even discussions about the state of the game.

When they are ready to expand and move to the next development stage, they will. No amount of threads will speed that up.

We get it, you want to play the game, we all do…but to fucking bad. The current way to get keys is through the picture submission. If you are like me and can’t draw…then deal with it and be patient. Promote/Support the game in other ways than directly testing/playing, you said you watch streams, so figure out what the problems/bugs with the game are and report them or make suggestions for them and hope your voice gets heard.


Stop making these threads. Use the search function.