any ideas about scripting roll?

any ideas about scripting roll on a dark rp server?

what i want to do is make is so only police can roll

alias "+rollright" "setang 0 0 25"
alias "-rollright" "setang 0 0 0"
alias "+rollleft" "setang 0 0 -25"
alias "-rollleft" "setang 0 0 0"
bind "g" "+rollright"
bind "h" "+rollleft"

What do you mean by roll?
Roll the dice?
Roll your body?

Nope, a combat roll

I don’t think you can do that, it would require an animation, and that’s something you can’t just do. You can try Lua animation API, but are you ready to fuck with it?

Made by your’s truly.

Isn’t there a “rolling” addon that breaks damage from high falls and creates a fake “rolling” effect with calcview?

Is it important that the rest of the world sees that the character is rolling?

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Welp, I got ninja’d hard.

I’m a ninja.

Who knows how to do advanced combat rolls.