Any ideas for a map?

Sorry guys if this is the wrong place to put this thread, but I’ve been learning how to map recently and I have absolutely no clue on what to make as a project, so I came here to ask you guys about what I could make!

Pretty straight forward, I just don’t want any complicated maps like a minigame map or something, just a plain map for sandbox/RP/prop hunt or any simple map idea for those!

I’d love to see what you guys come up for me to try out making although I might not pick all of them to create, it’s just inspiration for me to make a little project to learn how hammer works in depth.

Thank you!

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Im working on a RP map but have no ideas myself. Everyone is always telling me to just do something and work on that…

I always like seeing more sandbox maps just for variety, and specialized sandbox maps always get most people happy. (kinda like highway1448 or whatever is made specifically for vehicles, and gm_flatgrass is kinda nice for buildings and large constructs)

Make a modern city on stilts in the water, where roads are replaced by waterways and the only traffic left on solid ground is pedestrian.

The underlife of the city is built upon platforms underneath the city just above the waterlevel at the highest tide of the year.

If you’ve heard of the map de_boskoop, you should make something like that.

I like that idea, and Puppy156’s idea too. I guess I’ll go do some research for it!

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I remember a long time ago there was a map with that already, it had some loops for cars, a highway an airstrip, lake in the middle, a city in the corner and it had pretty much everything. Although I had that idea when I thought about it cause that was the best map I’ve ever used, I kinda want to make something unique really. Something…Different

A small town somewhere in Saskatchewan with a grain elevator

For the most part, I can imagine small towns are easier to do & run because they aren’t big sprawling cities.

Normally which lags users the most is the lightmap grid, so…Yeaaah…You could just decrease the luxels on the map.

The end of 2009 M-Zoner started work on Shibuya 109 - A Tokyo based RP map. Would be good to see it continued or re-created.

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