any ideas? i just bought it.

I just got gmod and im very confused for every game mode i tried, i would click multipplayer and then it would say pick a server down below,a and i would see a bunch of servers, but then when i click on that box on the left lower part of the screen would go white… any ideas? it showed people in it and every thing… but then nothing. i can do single player just fine. and if im lucky i found out i some times can get legacy browser to find one… and that is sooo rare. could it be that i have directx?

Open your Legacy Browser ( Button on mid-bottom left area in the server browser) and make sure the filters are all empty.

i did that, that was the only way… but then it says that there are no games that match it, when all the filters are off, and then when they do show up it always says server is not responding -_- im confused haha

Did you by chance block the game from accessing internet with Windows firewall?

hmm im not sure… cause it loads a game every now and then… but rarly. i dont think so. but i dont even know how to check haha

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dang im trying to upload photos… but no dice

Try lowering ( if your internet is crappy ) or rising ( if your internet is good ) the amount of Max Pings in your Steam settings.

Ok, im going to do that. im not sure if it matters… but i got a inspiron 1525

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i have rather good internet… it was at 5000. but i lowerd it to 3000, just in cas. And still crap

Try deleting steam/config/serverbrowser.vdf and masterserver2.vdf.

Can you see servers in other Source games fine?