Any interest in a no wiremod/phx plates sandbox server?

I’m thinking of hosting a sandbox server on various maps, but without wiremod or phx plates and only hl2 props enabled. There would otherwise be custom tools and other addons (not any big ones or custom model dependent). It would be a simple, easy to join and build server that would most of the time be moderated to keep lag and spam away. Is there any interest in such a server?

Why no PHX?

In case you don’t know, PHX comes with Garry’s Mod, and has for a while.

That’s true, and PHX is pretty useful. I don’t even use wiremod(i have no idea what i am doing)

I think he means an old-school type sandbox server, i.e. GMod before things like PHX and wiremod existed.

It’s up now, going to make a thread in games in progress. It’s only up with minimum addons for stresstesting. (the ip is I was only figuring of disabling PHX props, but it might not happen, but wiremod will not be added.

People said it wasn’t much of a good idea and you go and launch it?

Beyond server nostalgia not having wiremod can make it more difficult to get people in, it’s that often used now.

At the very least it would make sense to have Adv Duplicator active

Stupid idea, only so many bathtub/vending machine cars or blastdoor and concrete pillar catapults you can make before you get bored and quit.