any kind of ragdoll tutorial with blender page or vid?

i tried searching for some, but i can’t find any. so is there any kind of tutorial page or video where how to make ragdolls using blender??? i also got FRAGmotion, maybe if theres any legit page or video on how to make ragdolls with that would be fine too, but i really want to know every step and every kind of software needed just to make a ragdoll model for garry’s mod

i so far have blender, fragmotion, and VTFeditor, i can get GIMP since thats free and stuff, but i know there are compiler programs like cannon fodder that i have to use. however, i need to know where to place certain files like cannon fodder in.

so is there any kind of step by step tutorial on making models like this for blender?

jees… nothing???

aw man, i’m gonna end up making ragdolls and playermodels blind then :c
Not blender, but here you go.

i might as well get 3Ds max then. hope i can get away with a student license XD

Crack it.