Any know a map that fits this description?

im looking for an RP map that is post-apocalyptic based. Anybody know a map like this for DarkRP?

HUGE thoguh

I need an RP map

All i got.

does it need anything other than CSS?



Also ask the Mapping section next time.

Hopefully one of these will work. I didn’t bother including the others already mentioned in the topic.

Any map can be an rp map… It doesn’t have to be abbreviated with rp_ in order to be used on an rp server. gm_atomic is a perfect rp map for post-apocalypse.

Thanks, those all were really good. My favorite was destroyed city but i need area so I can have cars. I have decided to go with Check it out I really like it :smiley: and thanks.

gm_flatgrass :v:

i like using new worlds it makes a great rp map