any know when the patch is out ? eta ?

any know when the patch is out ? eta ?

Could someone please explain to me how to oupdate rust? I have my own server here at home. I manage all but had a friend that setup do the updates and he is not around. Any very detailed steps would be GREATLY appreciated as this woud be the first time for me to do this :slight_smile:
Thank You in advance Also sorry if this is not where to post?
MOMMA_FEX @hitbox

Update will be tomorrow (thursday) from now on leaving friday for bug fixing before the bulk of players hit at weekend.

Thanks kulan. Does that mean they’ll be doing an update today, or skipping this weeks as they already updated Tuesday? I’m guessing they won’t need to wipes BPs again though, now that they’ve been migrated to the new system?

There will be an update today, But it should not wipe blueprints or map.

Can anyone say if there was an update today ? thx