Any Last Words? I've got a sword in your face


Damn nice scar. Weird sword DoF.

Exactly what I was going to say :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I just saved you some breath.

*text :stuck_out_tongue:

the scar is really nice, too bad it’s more hi-resolution than the model itself

That’s what a sword looks like when it’s in your face.

He’s holding the sword awkwardly.

I have a Ph.D in sword holding, you’re wrong.

Well, I’d be holding a sword vertically, not horizontally(if you know what I mean) and tilting the wrist to the left of the victim’s POV.

well that’s not the cool way to hold a sword

It’s not the way he holds the sword, it’s the DoF on the sword.

It’s the sword in his face.

I know what it is. But the sword should appear sharper that everything else, seeing that it’s in his face.

That’s not what he’s focusing on though.


Plus, have you ever had an object really close to your face? Even when you focus on it, it’s blurry.

You should make a tutorial on how you did the scar there, it’s really sexy.

I like the pic, thought it’s just a bit too blurry at the tip of the sword.

Very nice. I like the perspective you used. It might have been a little better if the sword was the point of focus. I know if it was in my face I would be focusing on it

Take an object and bring it as close to your eye as possible without touching it, then try and focus on it. Then slowly move the object away from your eye. You’ll notice you can not clearly focus on something until it’s at least 3 or so inches away. This will obviously vary between persons but I have perfect vision so yeah.