"Any last words?" Russian about to kill a German.


C&C on the fingerposing and posing on the Russian?

What is he? Gay? Tuck in his arse.

Quick, hug him before he can shoot!

It is http://filesmelt.com/dl/dod_colmar000312.jpg

Any farther and the stomach collapses on the belt :frown:



Hell I would.

Posing is still bad.

The posing is terrible. The German is just like “yo bro, chill out” and the Russian looks high.

I was going to say something about the faces but I suppose you can’t facepose those models, because this picture really needs some facial expression, at least from the german soldier.

The Germans supposed to be like that, but how would I go about changing the Russian?

Tuck his ass in, make his shoulders less “woah” (the way one shoulder is back and the other forwards, but his hips are facing forwards, is odd) and tilt the head up a tiny bit more so he doesn’t look like he’s staring at the rim of his helmet.

Well done with the fingerposing though.

How much time did this take to pose?

German guy: “Aw, come on brah”

Updated OP. Hips still feel off though.


30-40 minutes. Had to repose the Russian multiple times.


I can just picture the Russian saying “Sup man” right before.

i lol’d

But seriously, the Russian’s pose is too off to be in a correct shooting position.

Not gay.

Russian solider:"Любое последние слова?"
German solider:"Sie werden den Krieg nicht gewinnen!"

google translator :frogc00l: