Any links for this addon?

It looks like that, if anybody knows any downloads please tell me.

It’s not a released addon, it’s just a simple script that could be made in 2 minutes.

Would you be able to make it and send to me please?

Free or a very small payment as you says its easy and quick to make

[lua]hook.Add( “PlayerDisconnected”, “SteamIDDisconnect”, function(ply)
PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, ply:GetName() … " (" …ply:SteamID()… “) has disconnected.” )
end )[/lua]


Thanks alot I will add when im on pc tommorow.

I just create a .lua and add to addons right?

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Also could you make a player connect one please.

Thanks so much

Basically, take that code and use this instead:

Also, if I recall, something like this should go in lua/autorun/server

hook.Add( "PlayerConnect", "SteamIDConnect", function(ply)
    PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, ply:GetName() .. " (" ..ply:SteamID().. ") has connected." )
end )



Thanks alot for the help

i have tried adding to lua>autorun and lua>autorun>server and nothing happens in game

When I add this to lua-auto run or lua-autorun-server it does not work or say anything when somebodys joins or disconnects

code_gs or anybody Where do i install it?
it wont work in lua>autorun>server or lua>autorun any help?

did u make sure that you called it file (.LUA) ?

Yes where do I install?

lua/autorun should do the trick.

Btw, a folder inside /addons is a virtualization of the root of the garrysmod server. (You learn something every day! :v:)