Any loot spawn addons?

I dont know if this is the right place to post this (I probably should’ve put it in developer discussion right?) but is there an addon on something I can get for free that spawns loot randomly throughout the map like in DayZ? From what I looked up it either costs money on GmodStore or you have to code it yourself and thats the last thing I want to do because I know nothing about coding in Gmod Lua. The closest thing I found to it on the workshop was randomly spawning NPC’s but I want randomly spawning weapons, food, etc. So tell me if you know of an addon or in the event I do have to code it myself can someone help me get started in that whole process.


Shouldn’t be that hard to make yourself. Make tables with a name (food, clothes, military, etc.), fill the tables with entities, and then the add tables to spawnpoints with percentages. Slap a timer on there to spawn every x seconds, and you’re done.