Any mapping detail tutorials you reccomendl?

Or just any tutorials at all. I need to make small, detailed maps for my gamemode. Just imagine my maps being small slum like areas you would see in city 17. Any good tutorials for making a map stand out?

Add misc props. like metal sheets, and tires. The occasional traffic cone, maybe a broken down car here and there.

let the power of decals guide you.

I always recommend this one for buildings but also quoting Masterdonut’s post on Interlopers a while ago:-

I use reference photos to detail my maps. For example,if I’m mapping an abandoned factory, I’ll search for photos of abandoned factories for ideas.

As Rusty mentioned, lighting is very important. It can make your map win or fail. Lighting isn’t easiest thing to do, it easy to plop lights around your map but getting the atmosphere requires patience.

Decals are also great, but think about where you place them. For example, I’ve seen people place graffiti on a wall 40 foot up. Doesn’t make sense how someone would have done that.

And don’t go overboard, like this.

I saw graffiti in real life, on a chimney ~25m above the ground

What’s the problem with it? sarcasm

Well the higher up it is, the more people see it and more respect you get. I think the thing with decals is to think about the context and dont repeat them too often.

Is that a first person death simulator?