Any Maps That Don't Need C:SS?

I’ve been looking, but I can’t seem to find ANY good maps here that don’t need Counter-Strike: Source. If there are any good RP/Posing maps that don’t need it, could you post them here? Thanks.


god damn you’re stupid



Or you could, you know, buy Counter-Strike since it’s 75% off.

I already have Counter Strike. But my cheap-ass friend doesn’t have it, and doesn’t want to post here because “It’s a waste I will make an account and forget about it waaaah”
Plus, we want to play on the same server together, but he doesn’t have CSS stuff, which most of my maps need.

Evocity2… but it needs episode 2 not css though.

Well I’m trying to do a Warhammer 40k comic and I use alot of the Space Build maps. But, thats really for only one genre. A really REALLY good map for RP is BigCity. Maximum size and awsome quality. only downside is that there are very few indoor areas to it.

Oh yeah, and, obviously, doesnt require CSS.


Jesus christ, it’s 75% off, either he buys it now or he can wait and get it full price when he gets fed up of pink and black checkerboards and errors.

You know, you could be a nice person and buy it for him for Christmas or something.

I perfectly agree. If he dosen’t want to buy it then he’s a cheapskate. :stuck_out_tongue:
And the only map that I know of that has almost no CS:S textures in is rp_c18_v1.

Go give a gift of a game. :smiley:

Okay guys, I bought it for him as an early Christmas present. And Sgt. Sgt, he and I have that EP. 1&2, so we will definitely be getting that map. Thanks guys.