Any maps that dont use css?

Are there any good rp maps that dont use any css stuff?


or can i use this to replace any css textures? is there anything i can use to replace css textures or people?


OMGCity doesnt use any CSS stuff if I remember correctly

This is a useful thread for me hehe, Sweet texture pack :slight_smile:

Here this map should do the job. RP_Hometown1999

He said good RP maps…

flatgrass… xD

I don’t know if Evocity2 does. It’s not the best, but it’s pretty good.

Im just tired of the skybox being really dumb like everything burns into it and when i look up it blinks for a while then fades away and i hate guessing what the errors are then trying to get around then then flying under it out of the map.

Buying CSS is your best bet. It’s not expensive, and you get a bunch of useful content.

yah i give up i might buy css tonight ill think about it but if there are any non css maps tell me.

i used the source server downloader to download cstrike dediserv files then dumbed the materials into my gmod folder, i get models but no textures(which gets pretty anoying)

as for legality, i’m just moving their own files around (i paid for gmod and its files, and they gave cstrike server files for free)

Theres quite alot of No CSS maps. Theres, Gm_flatgrass,Freespace’s,gm_excessconstruct,gm_construct, gm_flatgrass_massive_fixed, and alot more.

He’s looking for RP Maps.