Any military clans out there?

I joined a military clan awile ago but sadly the leader kinda broke it apart and ive been in search since this is what i even made for the clan.


RUST CO-Commander of all F.O.Bs

RUST XO-Commander of all outposts

Seargents-runs outposts and checks with the staff,Answers to the rust command

Hazmat division

Equipment-2 F1 frag grenades, 1 MP5 that has a Holographic sight,flashlight,silencer attachments on it, Full rad suits,3 small med kits each, 100 9mm rounds each.

squad of 5 members.

Fireteam CO-seargent+
Fireteam XO-Corporal+

Job description: Infiltrates radioactive areas and retrieves special loot for HBS military


Equipment: Standard issue leather armor (no set uniform yet), No set primary weapon yet

Head engineer: Engineer supervisor,Suppervises the engineers under him making sure to tell them what the HBS currently needs in stock.

Job description: Gathers and builds items for the HBS military to use.

Military police

Equipment- Standard issue leather armor (no set uniform yet),1 MP5,100 9mm rounds

MP XO (MP ranks still not set yet still needs buffering out)

Job description: Makes sure the HBS members on base remain honorable to the code of conduct and rules of HBS.


Equipment: Kevlar armor, 1 M4 with flashlight and holographic sight,2 F1 grenades,210 rounds of 556 rounds.

fireteam CO: Seargent+
fireteam XO: Corporal

Job description: Attacks bases that have been deemed a threat to the HBS stationed on Controlled servers.


Equipment: NO set armor or weaponry yet

Squad CO: Seargent+
Squad XO: Corporal

Job description: Scouts out other bases and tracks down hostile bases and reports them back the HQ for tracking.

Recruitment officer

Equipment: NO set armor or weaponry yet

NO rank system set ye

Job description: Find new rust players and aid them teach them about the HBS and our ways and get them to join the HBS


Equipment: NO set armor or weaponry yet

Supervisor: makes sure the supplies are being distributed properly.

Job description: distributes the supplies of the HBS military properly and efficiently.

(all ranks and positions and leadership,ranks,roles are subject to change)
Of cource not every job will be taken when we get rust up and going it will take atleast 30+ people in rust to have half of these jobs taken but this is only begging there is still

Marine Expeditionary unit


Unit CO:Supervises the units in the server
Unit XO:Makes sure all the units are doing there jobs

Job description: Goes to other servers and sets up outposts also tries to recruit and battle other known clans on that server.

If you want to pretend you’re military why don’t you play Arma instead (this is a real question)

I do.why not have it on rust also the potential for militarized clans in this game is amazing

I have plans of organizing a paramilitary faction, much like Duty in S.T.A.L.K.E.R or Reich/Red Line in Metro in Rust but because of the current limitations in the game, I have to put this on the backburner.
Fear not! I shall return as the game develops! :v:
Faction insignia concept:

Faction uniform concept:

this would have to be a very large clan. i run a clan of about 12 people and i think you would need even more than that.

How come? In order to incorporate all the ranks or the tasks?
A group of 5 could pull of a militarized clan, given that it would be a small one.

the ranks the way they are set up. With my clan, we just started on a fresh wipe server. we have a dedicated crafter who stays at the base, rad town/rad bear farmers that run a loop, and resource farmers/player killers who are farming resources and looking for people with guns/armor that our crafter doesnt have yet. Crafter is also in charge of shooting up continuously with the blood draw kit to make medkits since he is sitting by a campfire. in about 2 hours, we had all guns except bolt action and mp5(due to just bad luck i think), 3/4 kevlar peices learned, several metal building parts learned, and about 1500 metal fragments, 3000 gunpowder, 2 stacks each of all ammo, 4 each of M4, shotty, and P250(all with full mods).

I kind of lost you after the ‘fresh wipe server’ because the other thingy’s didnt really anwser my question. :v:
But still, it all depends on what size your clan is and how much you roleplay. Giving a clan leader of 5 the rank of ‘General’ is sort of stupid. A more suitable rank would be, I dont know. Sergeant?
Also, the core of a militarized group isnt it ranks or its armor or its weapons or whatever, its discipline.
Following the chain of command. A set-up structure on wich they rely on and this is why, military organisation leads to an effective group, wether it be 5 or 50 people in that group.

being retired Army i understand the military discipline very well. But i dont think that kind of in depth structure is really beneficial with a small group

On the server I play on we are Lucky to have 20 ppl on at any one time.

True, such a small group does not require the organzation as a group 10 times it size.
On a completely other matter, what was your position in the army & how long did you serve?
And, why did you quit? If I may ask that is. For some this is a sensitive area.

10 years. i was medically retired. would have served another 20 if i could. and i was an IT Tech

I’m a retired USAF Pilot, Garry give me an A-10 in the game and I’ll take care of the cheaters for ya…

When are we going to get a Stalker game with decent multiplayer. Oh well, hopefully DayZ will end up fulfilling that role. I have more hope of it doing so than Rust <_<