Any mods for NPC behavior tools?

As in, say I spawn an NPC. He just stands around like a dope and does nothing. That’s not a whole lot of fun…

Is there a mod to make NPCs, say, guard an area? How about hunt down players or other NPCs? What about just wandering aimlessly around a map?

You get the idea.

Ok, apparently not. New question. Can I script the AI to do something rather than stand around boringly?

You want a map with nodes.

And how would I do that? Or where would I get one?

you either make your own map with nodes, or use gm_construct.

bigcity and distantcity have the best sets of nodes ive seen in any non-official maps

Well if you want tools that will help you when you are in a Noded Map (gm_bigcity, gm_construct, etc…) Then here are some tools that can help.

Main one you’re looking for. NPC Control

NPC Scene - Allows you to make NPC’s execute animations from HL2 or EP:1/2

NPC Proficiency - Allows you to set how well the aiming proficiency is for a certain NPC group

I hope these help!

This is the closest thing to simulating a noded map.