Any must have server addons?

Alright, so I’ve just set up my own server, and after some time figured everything out, getting ULX installed and whatnot. Now, I’ve been lurking some lately and have found that one of the things that really makes many servers great is a quality set of mods. I’m planning on just having a fairly laid back sandbox with plenty of things to do and keep players entertained, no RP or anything particularly serious, so I’ve come to ask upon the wisdom of the Facepunch gods.

What do you guys think? Are there some must have server addons, or should I go plain vanilla and just keep attaching balloons to ragdolls and bathtubs?

ACF, Wire, AdvDupe2, smart freezer, Offroad Wheels, Propellor SVN. Any server that has those addons is a server I can happily play on all day long.

If it’s not serious build or something, I suggest stacker, adv duplicator, scars, and keypad.

Also a good one to always have even in singleplayer is the HL2 Entities

Weight stool.

Thanks guys! I’ll go get those installed tonight then.

Wiremod, PewPew, and Adv. Dupe.

I want SCars on my server, but I don’t have the time to upload it.