Any new framerate boosts?

Still play at a stable 17-20 fps, any ways to improve fps (not upgrading please c:)

PC specs?

press f1 grass.on false

AMD 7470 HD 1GB
3.2 GHz Quad-Core

Toss that 7470 in the trash. It’s a basic workstation class card and I am surprised you are even getting 20 fps with it.

I know you said no upgrade…

but seriously, Passmark 3DG gave it a whopping score of 376.

Compare that to a three year old GTX 580 that scored 4,963 If you want to stay with AMD then get a 7970 or a r9 280X. Otherwise a GTX 760 or 770 would be a fine choice as well.

If you absolutely cannot or will not upgrade then turn the render settings all the way down and run the game at a lower resolution than your native (if 1920X1080) that will reduce the load to the gpu and might net you a few more fps.

He stated upgrading isn’t an option for him.

I edited my post giving him a couple options, but with that low end of a card there isn’t much more than can be done.

WTF how is that remotely possible I have a 6870 and get 45 frames with grass on on a 80+ population server

Maybe update drivers clean the tower with air get the dust out optimize your settings for rust I stream and have no issues with my pc using my 6870

I forgot to mention, my computer only supports single slot cards.

What’s a really good single slot card?

EDIT: at least I think im not too sure though.

How can I tell?

gfx.ssaa false

Less known, very effective for me. My fps jumped from 19 to 34 average.

What kind of system is it? Make and model so I can tell you what if any options you may have available.


If you have one of the slim tower cases by Dell or HP you might be able to get a standard case and power supply and transfer your hardware over to it. This would deffinitely give you the opportunity to run a full sized card.

The other option is the Sapphire HD 7750 Low profile. It scored 1,629 on Passmark and a variant is still available on Newegg for $99 USD. While this is not a top end card it should grant you a nice improvement in gaming performance.

Asus essentio

That is a standard mid tower case.

For that all you need to do is measure from the back panel mounting bracket to the front of the case where the hdd trays are. Then go on new egg and look at the dimensions of the standard cards. If you have the clearance length-wise you are golden. From here go buy a 750W psu and you should be able to run any card you want as long as it will fit length wise.

PSU will run you about $80+ for a good one, then the card could run you up to $500+ depending on what kind you get.

Check this:

Jampo his issue is under powered hardware specs, not from lag. However that is some interesting information.

not understanding why