Any new Vehicles you guys made? Post pics here! :)

I know theres a thread…somewhere but its lost in eternity haha so ill make a new one.!!!!

I dont know how to post accual pictures but heres the link to them :smiley:

You and your confounded engines, mmhm. Nothin’ but trouble 'round these here parts.

haha my big 12x12 tatra worked amazingly,No gear slippage or lack of power.Not much lag either.


I never really liked those kinds of engines.
They’re interesting, yes, but people can hardly ever make them correctly and they just collapse on themselves and crash the server or lag it down so heavily that just switching weapons takes several attempts before it’ll go through.

I prefer ACF engines.

But hey, if you can do it correctly, good for you!

Haha yeah,I love these engines i love tinkering with things to get them to work…I can’t stand ACF…its to simple.I like big heavy laggy contraptions that take hours to build and once they work the way you wan’t it gives you a big sense of accomplishment.Well atleast for me :slight_smile:

I can’t stand “big heavy laggy” contraptions.

They piss me off because it’s hard to make and test what I want to build because the server is choking to death.

And then people bitch when I ask them to remove it, and they don’t, so I remove it for them.

I find the feeling of accomplishment when I make something that is solid, works very well, and doesn’t lag in the least bit.

But to each their own I guess.

Ah yes…I neverr build anything on servers…Only server i play on is my own…From my own gaming computer just me and my friends…I almost never lag (I have an HD Radeon 7950) so its hard for me to lag…If i build anything on a server its small…maybey 1 gear set and an engine but nothing crazy like what i do on my server.