Any news on a ClientSide Thermal Vision? (Predator Vision)

Hey Facepunch community, this is actually my first thread, but it concerns something i could imagine we have all wanted, but, after hours of searching, have finally given up on; A Client Side Thermal Visor, (Predator Vision).

I spent around 30 minutes searching for such a thing, and the latest post about i found was in 2006! It certainly stated some issues in making it, but like i said, 2006! Im hoping to see if anyone has any news about this wonderful thing. Im imagining it to be a bit like an Xray wall hack, but able to see through props (Only props, not world {Too Cheap And Hackish Right?}). Im not an Huge Lua Coder myself, i just do e2, but i know there are some truly amazing lua coders in the facepunch community, and that has given me the motivation to come out and ask this - and expect a positive answer!

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Lol E2 you’re a pro coder bro.

This is like a 10 minute script, go find teta_bonita’s old xray script and snip the wallhack section.

I realize there are plenty of XRay scrips out there, however, im more looking for a heat vision type of one, where the bodies bright white, red and a bit of yellow, with all “cold” world objects being blue, dark blue, ect(Or etc).

The camera controller in Wiremod was recently upgraded with functionality similar to what you are asking for.

This really should go in the requests section, as it won’t benefit most facepunch users…

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Its his first thread what do you expect? lol

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Actually, I doubt a heat vision using a colorspace is possible without a shader.

I remember an article how it was done metroid prime for example, they had a own texture and a special shader.

You don’t get to be a pro coder from E2, but you get a very good base at how coding works, so stop hatin.