Any news on the North America servers?

I played 2 days on this server. Today I logged on to see that the server I played on isn’t there anymore.

I tried searching around the forums for anything on the North America servers, but the only thing I could find was a closed thread. The guy who started the thread was banned for asking this very same question. Some people think it was an un-intentional crash, and that the servers would go back up when the developers wake up. But apparently the servers went down over 15 hours ago, and I couldn’t find anything since.

Does anybody have any news regarding the North America servers?
Are they gone for good?
Is there going to be a reset because of this?

If all my stuff is gone, I might as well start again on a different server.

P.S. To the Moderator, I noticed people were getting banned for asking about servers. In my opinion, I find it to be a legitimate and reasonable question. But if I am breaking any rules, please direct me to a set list of rules that I can abide by. Thank you

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum, read the rules sticky" - postal))

You can always play on my server! Come and try it and bring your friends! Fairly new and starting to get a few dailies on it. We are all friendly, but wouldn’t mind if you tried raiding (in fact, we dare you ;))


Hope to see you there

(User was banned for this post ("don't advertise your server in random threads" - postal))

I prefer to play no pvp (I didn’t check if your server was pvp)

I’m gonna try to look for the friendliest no-pvp server I can find.

Yeah I bet you dare us, probably abuse admin like every other non official server.

They are banning because there is a servers subforum