Any One Have A Server They Dont Use Anymore?

Hey Guys Im new Here And ive been trying to make my own server for about 4 months now and i just dont have the time to set one up anymore ( due to school stuff) and was wondering if anyone had a server that they dont use anymore.
if anyone does then just comment below or pm me, thanks in advance.

Welcome to FP, also, are you trying to host Dedicated, rented, or listen?
Dedicated :
Listen :
Rental : Find a good server host, in your area.

Thanks for the welcome.
I dont want to MAKE my own server anymore as i have limited bandwidth @ 7gb and a very slow 52 kilobyte/sec connection.
Im Just looking for someone who has an old server that they dont use.

Are you asking to have somebody host a server for you?

If not, might as well give up trying to host a server unless you get a better connection.

No one is going to want to give you a free server, no offense.

I have a server that is looking for new admins/vip`s
Im not willing to host for you but you might get upgraded
The ip is:
(its two servers in there)

Agreed. You aren’t going to get a free server mate.

well i could if it was to host a game mode if not well then cant help ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let this die. You aren’t getting a server.

(if you even look at your thread still)