Any one wants to trade their Rust accaunt?

Hey guys, i can’t wait any more i have to ask… Does any one want to trade their rust account for steam accaunt or origin accaunt, i also have dota 2 clothes, new set for pudge. Write your skype here if interested. Thanks for reading and sorry for my grammar i’m Russian

what is a accaunt you make no sense

Well, i meant steam account with games you want, or origin i also said i’m sorry for my grammar.

Don’t bash, he’s stated English isn’t his first language. But sorry I think this is against forum rules so I would ask for this to be closed if you don’t wish to possibly get banned.

The answer is no.

End of thread.

You’re profile says Australia.

Russians can live in Australia.

ДОбрый день! I’m officially from Russia 2!

No. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t do that