Any other administration mods other than ULX?

Hi guys! Sorry if this is posted under the wrong forum, but I was wondering if there were any admin mods other than ULX, perhaps more lightweight.

I currently have ULX mounted on my server, but I do not like the rank system in it. I know of Evolve, and I do quite enjoy the simplicity of it, but it seems their site is dead and I am confused as to whether that mod is still alive/functional, because their google projects page does seem to work.

So, I was wondering if there were any more Administration Mods/Addons other than ULX and is Evolve still alive and dependable?

There is someone updating Evolve here.

Nice, okay, any others?

Exsto -

Awesome, tried that exsto, but it seems to be broken right now. The only other one I’ve found to work is ASSMod, might keep.

I would give ULX another shot.
My firm opinion is ULX has the bast rank system. It’s a tad complex though.
Other than that I’d recommend Exto.

Its not free but its still an admin mod : (Server Guard) :

Paying for something that has free competitive versions is stupid. ULX is a great admin mod but as other people have said there are at least 2 others that are up to date and free (those being exsto and evolve)

EDIT: Especially when all the features have been released before.

Supporting LemonPunch’s crappy admin mod is just like ULX and Evolve, but with a nice VGUI, which is useless because only your crappy DarkRP admins see it.

I recommend Evolve for a lightweight mod for sure.

Serverguard is just evolve and assmod with a nice GUI; I’ve seen the code and it’s nothing special. Just a nice looking admin mod that does the same thing as a free one.

Go with ULX, most plugins and most complete. Ive had evolve, exsto, ASSMod, and ULX since Gmod 9 (at least ulx) and have known that ULX was the best.

Thanks everyone! (Sorry for bumping the thread! :X) But it looks like I ought to stick with ULX. I would, however, like to give Evolve another shot, so, does anyone have the link to the updated Evolve’s GIT/SVN? Thanks!