Any people/groups working on porting Dead or Alive 5 models to Gmod?

Just a simple question. I’ve seen a ton of DOA5 models on XNALara already, so I’m just curious as to whether there are people in the community that are still working on porting DOA5 to Gmod or if the community largely has no interest in it.

This DOA5 you speak of… do they have guns?

Generic soldier models you mean?? WTF??

If someone wants to help with the ports, You’re more than wlecome to help:

That model has the original rig with jiggle bones in breasts, ass and ponytail, I deleted face bones due to the bone limitation >_<.

I’m really noob in this and I can provide whatever model you want, also, freel free to use the models from my DA:

OH BOY, that hitomi looks awesome, i will wait till you finish her :stuck_out_tongue:
Good job man

Well I for one would love to see some of the male characters ported as well.

A decent Jann Lee and Hayabusa would be fucking awesome.

Highly doubtful anyone worth his salt would pick this project up but hey, one can hope.

jiggle bones in breasts, ass and ponytail. does this mean their chest can be inflated or deflated cool. and cant wait to see more doa5 models come to gmod

I think the only ones that have really worked on the DOA5 models is Rastifan’s site, DigitalEro. They’ve got at least 2 of the girls in Gmod already, I think.

They don’t use them in the gameplay, but there is this one Russian solder guy named Bayman who uses a gun during several cutscenes. The first minutes of the story mode take place in a middle eastern war zone.

(See, now I’ve got FP’s attention.)