any photoshope people out there..

Hello! I stream rust on… and I am currently looking for a stream overlay for this game! If you are interested please let me know.

I’m a photoshop user, but honestly… there’s a lot of prefabbed overlays out there you can choose from and use. I wouldn’t recommend it because of watermarking / copyrighting, but the truth is… you could easily learn a few tutorials in photoshop on how to make twitch stream overlays. Look into it a bit more.

I would say I’d help you, but I have a ton of other things going on which call further to my attention and I’m afraid I don’t have any time to do so right now.

Here’s a few resource links for you to utilize: <–You can use Gimp as well (free) and not nearly as intuitive as photoshop since it’s free. <–for sizing / resolution answers. <-- for certain elements using OBS

There’s tons of resources out there. I’d suggest you google them if you cannot make them yourself or cannot find someone to make them for you.

Thank you so much! I will do this.
Thanks again

i work with photoshop , if your still wanting help id be glad to help

Yes! :smiley: