Any pilot/paratrooper models out there?

There’s boatloads of soldier models from everything you can imagine, but I’ve only found air force models from Call of Duty WaW and MOH Airborne.

I was looking for this specific criss-cross harness pattern but at this point anything non-American will do.

I know that one of the old models that jenkins used back in the Esp. Wars thread (i think the first one or the v2) has a paratrooper bag and gear, i think he doesn’t uses them anymore.

By the way, too bad that the MoH Airborne models aren’t properly rigged and without faceposing… They’re pretty nice looking.

So nothing huh? That sucks. I guess I’ll have to just use the crappy WaW American model for everything.

Iron Front Liberation 1944 has one

That’s literally a carbon copy of the WaW model.

Fffs, is there really not a single non-American pilot model on the entire internet?

Well maybe. There’s none in any games, but there’s probably a few in model showcase websites.

Well, there’s Hell in the Pacific ArmA 2 mod.

except not shit

Yeah, good point. I’ll be sure to use that when I’m actually doing americans, but right now the life vest + leather jacket is not even close to what I’m looking for.

Now that’s interesting. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to check it out.

You can look in the Invasion44 also, there’s british/germans pilots if i’m not wrong.

  • the models are very neat.

No dice. It’s just the same boring old american in jeans, and he doesn’t have any sort of harness at all.

I did find a goldmine of British models, but that’s not the point here.

EDIT: Oh I know! I’ll use that model, and attach the harness from the Luftwaffe pilot luxox posted! Perfect.

Recently a mod with jet pilots and crew gear was released in the ArmA 3 workshop, here’s the link if you want to check it out:

The whole point is that I’m trying to make a WWII IJAAS pilot and Giretsu paratrooper.

I have pretty much all the the stuff I need, I’m just looking for this type of cross-body parachute harness.[/t][t][/t]

Closest thing I have is the Luftwaffe harness posted earlier.

[t][/t] ----> [t][/t]

[t][/t] ----> [t]

I’ll use a soviet tanker for the body and that thing from WaW for the Type 1 reserve parachute.

Here’s some fast mockups.

It looks hilariously awful, but it’s literally all I got.

Anyway, thanks guys. If anyone knows anything else please says so, but for now I’ll just use this.

I found EXACTLY what I need! It’s pretty crappy but it’ll have to do.

But the thing is it’s from Medal of Honor: Rising Sun which is Gamecube exclusive.

The good news is that Dolphin emulator supports it, which I’ve ripped models from before.

its not gamecube exclusive! my friend had it on the original xbox and it was on ps2 soooooooo

I can actually confirm that it wasn’t an exclusive. I actually still have my old PS2 copy sitting on my game shelf.

I know, I was using gamecube as a catch-all term for old consoles.

In either case, that’s useless information. Unless there’s a PS2 emulator that I don’t know about?

There’s actually several, to my knowledge. I can’t remember all of them, but I know that one of them is called PCSX2.

Ohhh, yeah that’s right! I totally forgot about that!

I remember now, I used to play Metal Slug 6 on it and get palette references for my ripped sprites. Good times.

In any case, I don’t know how well it works with NinjaRipper though. I’ll try Dolphin first since I know that works.