Any plans for admins to be able to bypass building restrictions from cupboards?

I am running a small server, and as such i have certain building rules set forth. Instead of just removing bases that “forget” certain rules, i just fix it because im so nice. The bad part is, i have to find and authorize to every single cupboard they have hidden, which takes to much damn time. Anyone know of any plans to help with this, like admins being able to command line authorize to all cupboards in a radius?

That sounds so incredibly easy to abuse I’m honestly surprised you still posted the suggestion.

Everything an administrator can do can be exploited, you just have to have the moral fiber not to exploit it.

The admin has the option to instantly destroy any building component as well as the demolish command, last time i checked. Even without cupboard authorisation

The majority of admins (at least on the private servers I’ve played on) don’t abuse their power. Yes, they may spawn in stuff for themselves, but they don’t raid bases and participate like regular players do. Yeah, there are some asshats that will abuse their admin privileges, but they tend to be the minority. And that will just get people migrating away from that server, as no one wants to play against someone with full god mode.

If they want to ruin their own server let them. They’ll realise maybe it wasn’t so smart when no one plays on their server.

yes administrators can demolish without a tool cupboard. My thing is I don’t like to automatically destroy or remove peoples basis for one little thing. I would rather just fix the one thing that is against the rules and then at that point their base is compliant with my rules. The thing is, I have to authorize to every single one of their cupboards even as an administrator in order to build what I need to build onto their would be amazing if there was some way I could automatically authorized to all covers in a certain radius in order to help me with this. that’s what I’m trying to say.

Here we go again with the ‘moral fibre’ of the admins.

Give the admin all the powers they need, just don’t let them have these powers as a player.
As you admin or breakout to the admin console, you should no longer be playing.
If you are in the middle of a critical play action, admin tasks will have to wait until you get a free moment.
If you are not happy with the admin and player separation, then don’t admin a server, someone else should be ok to do it in your place considering all the ZERO user servers currently in the list.
I suspect the good admins will work around this proposed limitation, maybe even enjoy playing rather than admin’ing.