Any plans to somehow incorperate a soundtrack/music into Rust?

The main menu music/Rust theme is really good. Sets a cool, ominous tone, and I’m sure everyone enjoys listening to it while the server loads.

Then suddenly it’s nothing but the sound of air or a beach. Yeah the ambient nature passes are doing work for bringing in some good ambient feeling, but I wish there was more, something like what we heard the very first time we launched Rust ya know?

I’d be down for more music in situations such as:

  1. Plain ambient tracks a la Minecraft. Yeah I know just referenced Minecraft but it does do some things right. When music kicks in there it’s really pleasant sometimes. Not overbearing or grabbing the main focus either.

  2. In-game/in-world music via items/music box. When electricity, cars, and other complicated planned shit is in, would it really be too far of a stretch to have some Rust-styled music player that plays rarely found music discs with more OST work?

  3. Stingers/Event music. This I imagine would not be the easiest thing to implement from a coding/developer standpoint based on the situations. Short 3-5 sec stinger tracks for dying, or a sound effect when down-but-not-out. Say something tribal and drum-beaty goes on when you’re getting chased by naked spearmen or just people fighting/chasing you in general.

All could easily just be disabled by default if it’s too much of a distraction for some.

I agree, I believe legacy continued playing the track from the main menu but a bit faded.

currently a lot of it is background ambience.

i am hoping once we get electricity, that will lead to radios, which in turn will lead to RustRadio stations and such like in the fallout games.

give players the ability to broadcast their voice over virtual Frequencies and i think we could create some seriously cool emergent gameplay with it.

once cars are in we can start convoys :stuck_out_tongue:

I disabled the startup music because hearing it again and again is torturing my ears.
IMO event specific music or music at all is unnecessary. Hearing noises is already important in rust.

I loved how the music would fade in at night in legacy. For me, hearing it represented surviving another day while, at the same time, holding my breath that no one raided me at night. Could be nostalgia though…but I really miss out when I hear it on the loading screen.

It would have to be done VERY subtly. As trustinrocks says, after the 2,000+ listen, even the intro music starts to drive you mad…

It’s something I’d like to do, but it’s low priority right now :slight_smile:

My hope is that you go for the more subdued and eerie feel rather than the more intense and bombastic remix that you made, as cool of a take as it was. The less structure the more unfamiliar it will seem. :smile:

God I hope not, ingame music can be so annoying after you have listened to it a million times.

back in legacy the background music gave the game a nice touch of atmosphere