Any player suggestions made it ingame?

Have any actual player suggested idea’s actually made it in game or just developer related idea’s, I see a lot of great suggestions that usually gain attention, but i’m curious on if they’ve actually taken off or inspired the developers in other ways.

Also I know we have an active forum already, but I was curious if we could get a suggested idea forum for rust and other games, and maybe a developer could give their approval to community idea’s and see what things may transpire from other users in the process.

There used to be a Rust Suggestions subforum. Suggestions were posted to the Rust General subforum (aka this one) 60% of the time anyway.

And, yes, a number of suggestions have been made to the devs that have been added. However, the turnaround between suggesting an idea and it being ready enough to go into a patch may be over a year, and not all suggestions are compatible with the devs’ vision.

Kind of hard to tell as it is possible that players suggested something was that going to be added but wasn’t documented.

With that in mind, an alternative to skinning animals for cloth was suggested by many players and was added as the hemp plant. The attack helicopter could have been in response to suggestions of a threat other than wild animals. Those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head.

I suggested lots of things that were added into the game. I feel like I have my own dev slaves makeing a game for my personal enjoyment.

A long time ago I suggested to add flies to dead corpses so you can find them better in tall grass.

Not saying that they added flies because of me but felt funny when it actually happened. :slight_smile:

I basically laid out a few months ago what they’ve done with armor having life, breaking and what not could be that great minds think alike

3 months ago